Cosmic Waltz

by Jelliflow

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released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Jelliflow Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Weightless
Here I am,
on absent land
No clouds up here,
free from the atmosphere
Held by a thread,
a thread of discontent
Cut my string,
and give me a satellite's wing
Help me break my need for weight
And fly somehow

Now I find I'm half a world away
trying to make another comfort place
but the ground beneath me, slips away.

And the air hits my feet, and sends me on my way
To find some peace of mind and levity.
To grab a little piece of sky serenity
And fly,
Fly, into the ground.

I'm used to it; the crash and burn, the loss of wing
The gasping breath that pleads my idle sails to sing
Of something else, of something new, of something free from gravity.

Float, then

Inhale, exhale the weight
Track Name: Blister
I feel,
feel it building up, beneath
And the pressure
pushes at my feet, again

And eruptions, desire is bursting in me
And corruption, is all that I get from your heat

Oh, but your sunlight,
Makes me alive even with the burning

Pulled a little closer in
complexion starts to char
Fervent embers kiss my skin,
but can't melt my frozen heart
My hot blooded star
numbs me on one side and singes the other

So burn a hole with your sunlight in my soul

Pull away and feel the cold of empty space, frosted nova
But come a little closer in, your radiation burns my skin

Pull away and freeze alone in empty space, cold emotion
But come a little closer in,
Ignorance is bliss, ignorance makes blisters

I'm burned again
Track Name: Event Horizon
Please don't pull me in
precious darkness on my skin
Didn't I think that I could be
a little bit something more than me?
A northward star or maybe sunlight,
make your skin crawl in the day

But there's dark inside
I tend to hide behind
Spinning circles, losing brilliance
Void enshroud me, overtake my gravity

In this darkest part of me
I can feel singularity
Even though light can't escape my grasp
it never feels quite that close at hand
But looking outwards from my core
I see my luster is so much more

Than this dark inside
I tend to hide behind
Spinning circles, losing vibrance
Void get away, do what you must just let me be

Here we go

The air is so much better up here letting my mind think clearly
I can feel dark disappear and light surround me

Wrapping light around
Beams of light are wrapping around

Just remember you are free
And remember just to be the glow inside you

Wrapping light around the glow inside you

Remember you are free
Track Name: Comet
I swing on in and out again
Fleeting tries for commitment grow sour again

Hold on I'll come back around
Start it up to tear it down
Give me something new to break
Initiate to hesitate
Set in motion get away
but can't from myself

Idealistic opinion, this wallowing following thought
That its okay to run away as long I never get caught

But somehow it comes back around
Swings right back in to beat me down
Watch my coma dissipate
Re-awake to new escapes
Think I found a place to stay
But soon I'll be gone


So come on try and stop me now
See if you can tug me down
Get a grip on passing tries
Devoted dedication dies

Come on see if you can stop me
Find a way to pull me in
I dare you just to get a grip
Before I come back again
Track Name: Constellations
Scratching at my head again
But I think I have a plan
To fill it all up again, my open mind

I can't seem to find what I would call my own kind

But we're all just a little bit crazy
We're all just a little fucking crazy

So I guess I'm not alone

Trying to connect the dots like stars up in the sky
Paint a pretty picture of what it means to be alive

Make art
Make art together

Cuz we're all just a little bit crazy
We're all just a little fucking crazy

So I guess we're not alone

It's hard not to feel alone up here
Sitting on the world
I have my little throne up here
A king of a tattered world

But I'm only a star at night
If only I could find a way to shine bright

Oh, constellations

Make art, constellations

If you still think I'm slightly crazy
If you still think I'm a little bit crazy
If you still think I'm fucking crazy stay the fucking hell away from me you fucking mindless enemy

Because I'd rather be alone
I'd rather be alone

Leave me alone