from by Jelliflow



I feel,
feel it building up, beneath
And the pressure
pushes at my feet, again

And eruptions, desire is bursting in me
And corruption, is all that I get from your heat

Oh, but your sunlight,
Makes me alive even with the burning

Pulled a little closer in
complexion starts to char
Fervent embers kiss my skin,
but can't melt my frozen heart
My hot blooded star
numbs me on one side and singes the other

So burn a hole with your sunlight in my soul

Pull away and feel the cold of empty space, frosted nova
But come a little closer in, your radiation burns my skin

Pull away and freeze alone in empty space, cold emotion
But come a little closer in,
Ignorance is bliss, ignorance makes blisters

I'm burned again


from Cosmic Waltz, released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Jelliflow Austin, Texas

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